Cleaning Out the Basement

Last night, during the new year’s first hours, I had a dream that my basement had been remodeled. The basement in my dream, I’ll call it “DB” for “Dream Basement”, was right in every way that my real basement, which I’ll refer to as “RB” for “Reality Bites”, is wrong.

DB is filled with brightness, both from natural light coming from windows and tasteful artificial lighting – RB is dark and uninviting and as grim and forbidding as a backdrop for a horror movie. DB has newly painted white walls that radiate the light, cozy, warm and earthy shag carpeting, and an immaculate half-bath with a new white stone sink, white tiles, an unblemished and clear framed mirror sufficient enough to see my reflection from the waist up – RB has cold concrete floors never cleaned by me since I moved in almost 5 years ago, (and probably not before then either), dust and spider webs and dust bunnies well beyond count, walls of a dull yellow patina, which a strong imagination may envision as having once been white, and a dilapidated half-bath, where half the tile is missing in chunks, the antique toilet is never used or cleaned, the cheap unframed piece of mirror returns only a foggy image of the self, and the uncovered light bulb above it half illuminates, hiding secrets.

It was a strong vision and the only dream I remembered from last night. After some thoughtful meditation, I realized that this dream is a perfect one to ring in the new year. Professional dream interpreters say that dreams about rooms, and buildings may represent the emotional state or environment of one’s waking life (, In my dream, not only did I feel joy and excitement about my newly remodeled basement, I was surrounded by the friends who helped me reach that goal. Of course the stereotype is that the basement is where people hide their secrets or the things they’ve neglected to address. I do believe that I’ve neglected a great deal in my life over the past few years, after a life-changing divorce, having to adjust to sharing custody of my daughter, and surviving a bad romance. I put a lot of my self and needs on the back burner. Feeling isolated and lonely, I waited for some magical point of change instead of actively taking on the change myself.

DB is an indicator of a brighter and more hopeful future, a future where I can finally leave behind the past of RB. It’s a view of a new year where I rely more on my good friends to help me move forward and “clean up my act”. The vision of DB is firmly planted in my mind now and I’m not going back to RB. I want to unlock doors, open windows, fill my life with light and let the fresh air in!

I guess I could also interpret the dream very literally as it’s time to clean out my basement 🙂 And, boy, does RB really need a facelift (, as do I. Yes, “I can”, “I will” and “I am” are my words for year 2016, …with a little help from my friends.

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